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Posted by triasflowers on June 11, 2018 Uncategorized

Captivate Your Sweetheart This Anniversary

So your anniversary may not be in June, but as the unofficial season for weddings (maybe not in South Florida, but everywhere else), Trias Flowers, Weddings & Events is taking a minute to highlight both the wedding work we do and especially the anniversary selection we offer. Yes, we supply glamorous, gorgeous florals to weddings all year, helping to capture the vision of our brides and grooms in flowers. But we also have a stable of anniversary designs specifically created to honor the occasion, whether it’s a fifth anniversary or a 50th.

We believe in offering your sweetheart a singular floral design each year. Why not? This was one of the most singular, defining moments of both of your lives, so it calls for flowers that speak to that. We’re in love with¬†Captivated By Her Smile¬†for an anniversary for this very reason. A crowd of hot pink roses. Exotic orchid. Happy daisies. Trumpeting calla. And all of it set off by glossy leaves and feathery palms? It’s a statement piece that will leave your partner in wedded bliss feeling blissful.

Give a floral design with vision to your sweetie this year. It should offer a sense of occasion, a little drama, and a lot of passion and romance.