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Carnations for January Birthdays

carnationsFor those who have birthdays in the first month of the year, the beautiful carnation serves as their birth flower. The carnation has an extensive and vibrant history, having been cultivated for over 2,000 years. The flowers come in a wide range of colors, with reds, whites, yellows and even greens available.

These beautiful flowers can be used to symbolize a number of different emotions. White carnations, for example, are often used to represent love as well as luck. They might be given to a treasured friend or family member as a means of showing affection or to someone special before a big moment in their lives. Carnations, particularly pink carnations, are also used to symbolize the unique and strong love of a mother. Red carnations, on the other hand, can symbolize admiration, deep love or affection.

Those looking to celebrate a January birthday have a number of different options to choose from when finding the right carnation arrangement. At Trias Flowers, we love helping customers find the perfect flowers to celebrate a birthday. Here are a few of our favorite arrangements that incorporate this birth flower.

Delightful Blooms

This arrangement incorporates yellow roses, pink mini carnations and fresh alstroemerias along with massangeana leaves. The bouquet looks stunning and will surely help to light up the face of any recipient. It will make the birthday feel that much brighter.

Splash of Spring

It might not be spring yet in January, but this arrangement can make the whole atmosphere feel brighter and more alive. The pink mini carnations are carefully combined with yellow lilies, pink alstroemeria, pink roses, yellow pinocchios, white daisies and solidago to make a bouquet with a variety of different textures and colors. This arrangement will look spectacular on a fireplace mantel where it can be admired by all who come to the residence.

Baby Girl New Beginnings

This arrangement was designed for those celebrating their very first birthdays– their actual day of birth, but it is also a stunning bouquet that would work well for any birthday. The pink mini carnations are perfectly placed with pink roses, pink alstroemeria, pink and white daisies, montecasino and different greens The uplifting arrangement will look spectacular in any room of the house.

For those with January birthdays, the carnation birth flower is a perfect gift for showing that one cares. Those looking for the perfect arrangement can look at our options above or speak to us further at Trias Flowers to see how we can help find a stunning carnation arrangement for that loved one.