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How to Celebrate May Birthdays with Emerald Flowers

may birthdaysThe emerald is one of the most desired precious stones in the world and has been since discovered in nearly 3,000 years ago. The word emerald itself is Greek in origin, and means “green stone.” Although not entirely rare – emeralds are currently mined in 29 countries, including the United States and Canada – to discover an emerald of perfect quality would be exceptional. Emeralds are known to be rife with imperfections, also called inclusions; although gemologists have given the flaws the more flattering name of “jardins”. The emerald is traditionally a symbolic representation of new life, rebirth, and vitality; more modern connotations also include friendship and loyalty. The emerald is a perfect ambassador as the birthstone for May and gives us an ideal opportunity to present our loved ones with a gift inspired by the iconic jewel.

may birthdaysEmeralds occur in nature in many shades of green, from yellow to blue tinged hues; the lighter shades are classified as beryl, with the darker greens resulting from more chromium in their makeup. Inspired by their beauty and unique composition, Trias Flowers has created exquisitely unique floral arrangements, designed utilizing uncommon green elements which are perfect to honor all your loved ones born in May. From exotic cymbidium orchids, to rare green roses, to vibrantly green spider mums – our bouquets are guaranteed to make a singular impression. As a matter of fact, there are many varieties of flower that occur in green that beautifully represent the emerald in floral form.

may birthdaysTrias Flowers also offers a wide range of green and flowering plants, as well as bamboo; all of them will make great gifts for May birthdays. This May, get creative with us! Celebrate the May birthstone in a new and different way – send an emerald inspired gift of flowers.