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Celebrate South Florida Tropical Flowers

tropical flowersWhen people think about tropical locations, often they conjure up images of Hawaii, the Caribbean or the South Pacific. But those of us who live in South Florida get to enjoy a tropical climate as well – hot, sunny days give way to rainy afternoons, giving rise to some beautiful flora. One of the most amazing aspects of living place like Miami is that the plants and flowers are uniquely ours. We adorn our yards with tropical palm trees and diverse succulents, and gorgeous blooms that people normally associate with island settings – such as birds of paradise, bromeliads, and hibiscus. Orchids and bamboo are other options that are unique to climates such as ours, and make our outdoor areas different than those visiting us from elsewhere.

tropical flowersAside from the more common flowers listed above, there are many dramatic blooms whose name you may not recognize, but that comprise stunning arrangements. Whether as filler or as a standalone floral display, ask your local Trias Florist about some of these other tropical beauties.

tropical flowersThe anthurium exhibits a large waxy flower of various shades, although the most common is red. This bold flower makes a statement all on its own; transforming any space into a mini tropical garden.

tropical flowersThe protea flower is also known as “sugarbush”, and its spiky petals exude a true rain forest vibe. Similar in look to the Fuji mum, these tropical flowers are beautifully different and interesting.
tropical flowersRed ginger grows in regal spikes of flowers that provide a strong backdrop to your tropical floral arrangement; it’s fiery blooms add drama and color to any bouquet.

Here in Miami, we only need to look out our windows for a little tropical inspiration. Bring that inspiration onto your lanai or into your home, with gorgeous tropical flowers from Trias Flowers.