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Decorate with Daisies

daisiesSpring has officially sprung – although here in Miami, that just means more sunshine! While the rest of the country begins to enjoy warming temperatures and nature emerging all around them, here in South Florida, we always celebrate beautiful weather. But one thing that we do share with the rest of the country is the official flower of April, the daisy. No matter where you live, the daisy represents the purity and childlike innocence of the spring season; and the iconic yellow and white bloom is synonymous with happiness and joy.


Because the daisy is the birth flower of April, it makes a perfect floral gift for all your family and friends who may be celebrating. However, when we celebrate birthdays in Miami, we like to do so in style! So when you design a birthday bouquet of daisies, you may want to consider not only the classic variety of daisy, but also the festive and vibrant Gerbera daisy. Gerberas come in bright and neon colors that perfectly embody the spirit of the birthday party – and go well with many other spring flowers as well.


Did You Know? The daisy is two separate flowering plants. The colorful central disk is made up of of smaller individual flowers; the petals around the disk are physically another flower.


Daisies come from much larger extended family, with nearly 2,300 varieties. You would probably recognize the sunflower as a relative of the daisy; other popular spring blooms which share the same genealogy are mums, marigolds, zinnias and dahlias. Even the daisy genus has beautiful variations , from the well known meadows of white and yellow Shasta daisies; to the ground covering African daisies, to the vibrant colors of the Gerbera daisy. The gerberas come in hues spanning the rainbow, and can either be one solid color, or its petals can showcase several shades.


As the official birth flower of April, the daisy is the ideal choice for all of your friends and family’s celebrations. Whether you choose a bouquet of traditional daisies, or a vase of assorted spring flowers; Trias Flowers is sure to deliver the happiness of the season.