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Decorating for Fall with Chrysanthemums


Sometimes referred to as chrysanths or mums, chrysanthemums are abundantly available during the fall and winter months, and are often used in seasonal decor and arrangements. At a time when the days grow shorter and naturally growing flowers fade, the bright blooms of chrysanthemums bring life to any indoor or outdoor setting. Over 40 species and nearly infinite variations of chrysanthemums exist, and can be used in many ways to decorate during the autumn season. Consider the following suggestions from our expert florists at Trias Flowers, Weddings & Events when deciding how to incorporate chrysanthemums into your fall decorations.

Chrysanthemums bring floral arrangements and centerpieces up to a new level by adding color and filling out a bouquet. When selecting the color of your mums, consider any other flowers you want to use in the arrangements and your existing decor. Stick to a maximum of two or three colors for an arrangement, and make sure the colors complement their surroundings and container. For an extra festive arrangement, display a bouquet of all chrysanthemums or a variety of autumn flowers in a hollowed out pumpkin. For a harvest or Thanksgiving Day celebration, an arrangement of fall flowers artfully displayed in a cornucopia is most appropriate, and will look simply wonderful at the center of the table.

thumbnail-1Arrangements of chrysanthemums or other fall flowers can also accompany candlelight. Either a single candle surrounded by autumn blooms or an entire row of column candles add the perfect touch to a sideboard or mantel.

Shades of red, orange, yellow, and brown permeate the autumn season and fall decor. While chrysanthemums are available in an entire rainbow of colors, they bloom famously in these autumn hues, and add seasonal color and cheer to holiday celebrations, floral bouquets, centerpieces, mantelpieces, wreaths, and more. Chrysanthemums also look beautiful potted in attractive planters on the front porch or in the entryway. However you decide to decorate with chrysanthemums this fall, be sure to call our florists at Trias Flowers, Weddings & Events for the best tips and the freshest flowers.