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Elegant Memorial Day Remembrance

Memorial Day Remembrance

Flowers have long been the language of deep emotion and sentiments, and on Memorial Day, they have always played an important role in helping us to remember the fallen. In fact, the observance has its own official flower, the red poppy. Although this flower is rarely given out today, it does still symbolize the sacrifices of countless brave men and women throughout our history. At Trias Flowers, we use different flowers to express our respect and gratitude, but these offerings are no less patriotic and meaningful. This May 29,send a Memorial Day remembrance from Trias Flowers, and give them the honor they deserve.

The History of the Red Poppy: After World War I, a soldier by the name of John McCrae penned a poem which would forever link the red poppy with Memorial Day. In Flanders Fields recounted the heart-wrenching scene of beautiful poppies growing up around the soldiers graves on the battlefield, and firmly established the flower as an ambassador for the holiday. 

Memorial Day Remembrance

The red,white and blue color palette of Memorial Day flowers is obviously derived from our national flag, but did you know that each color represents an important sentiment in and of itself? The color red stands for passion, commitment, and courage. The color white represents purity of heart and integrity. The color blue signifies true, steadfast loyalty.

Red roses, white hydrangea and blue delphinium beautifully portray those attributes and convey honor and respect to the loved ones of the fallen.

memorial day remembranceA hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. – Joseph Campbell

Don’t Ever Forget
: The weekend is about Memorial Day remembrance, so before you head off to parties and beach barbecues with friends, be sure to check out the local Miami parades and ceremonies which seek to honor those who paid with their lives for our freedoms.

memorial day remembrance

Whether sending a bouquet to someone still mourning a loss, or to deliver a memorial urn, cone, or wreath to the local cemetery – Trias Flowers is proud and privileged to be a part of honoring those important to you. Call us today to discuss the most appropriate flowers to send for Memorial Day.