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Why Flowers Are Great For Breast Cancer Awareness

Although breast cancer awareness has been celebrated and recognized since 1985, it wasn’t until 1993 that the international phenomenon of a breast cancer awareness campaign morphed into a national month-long celebration. It was then that the pink ribbon, formerly recognized as a symbol for breast cancer, became the emblem and symbol of breast cancer awareness. Even if the pink ribbon is symbolic of breast cancer awareness, pink is universally associated with breast cancer.

During the month of October, different fund raising events are held across the country. Those typically include walks, runs, company awareness campaigns, forums where experts may speak, symposiums and more. But not everyone has the time or opportunity to participate in events. There are still many ways to show support.

When you live in a warm and sunny place like Miami, what better way to show your support than with pink flowers? To show their support for breast cancer awareness, and to help you do so too, Trias Flowers created the Helping Hands program to contribute to the community, and give their customers the chance to join the program to give a portion of the price of the flowers they purchase, to organizations with whom Trias has partnered. One of those organizations is the National Breast Cancer Foundation. If you want to have 10 percent of the amount of your order donated to the organization, sign up before you place your order.

Brighten your office or work place and boost the morale of your colleagues, employees or the people with whom you do business or anyone who visits the office. The Pink Cachet exudes elegant sophistication by combining pink roses and pink cymbidium orchids. Add an unexpected touch of white with an arrangement of pink Orchids, Roses and White Hydrangeas.

Visit a cancer center and make a breast cancer patient feel special – even if just for a day. Walk in with the Lovely Lady, a lush bouquet filled with pink flowers, all neatly arranged in a pink satin vase, with a decorative pink gingham accent ribbon.

Make meal time feel special by using the Mini Callas Sensation as a centerpiece. When you love someone so much, you feel like shouting from the roof tops, show it! The Pink Diva is guaranteed to do that for you. The drama of an arrangement of 100 pink roses will help you make a bold statement without ever having to say a word.

Flowers are bright and cheery. There is a language of flowers, but that doesn’t really matter. When you give someone flowers, especially when they are sick, you’re delivering something bright and alive to them. You’re showing that you care and support them. When you bring a breast cancer patient or survivor, flowers from which a portion of the purchase price goes to the Breast Cancer Foundation, you help theme stand proud and stay strong.