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Formal Flowers & Corsages

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There are a few events in your high school or college career which have the capability to be truly memorable. The homecoming weekend, including the football games, the parties and the dance, is one of those special occasions which remains with you for your entire life. To make sure the weekend is as amazing as you hope, come to Trias Flowers for all the beautiful corsages and suave boutonnieres that you’ll need. After all, no one in Miami creates formal flowers this uniquely gorgeous.

Did You Know? The University of Illinois holds claim to the longest running homecoming tradition. Their festivities began in 1910 and are still going strong today. They skipped only one year – 1918 – as the influenza epidemic kept people in quarantine.

Here is a brief history of some of our favorite formal flowers:

The Corsage: The bodice of a woman’s dress was traditionally known as a corsage.  Flowers were once worn on this part of her clothing, and the French referred to the blossoms as a “bouquet de corsage.”

The Boutonniere: It was once customary for a lady to take one of the flowers from her corsage, and pin it to the lapel of her suitor, in essence “claiming” him. Boutonnieres today still generally match the corsage of their date.

When choosing your formal flowers, the experts have some tips for you.

* Have your dress chosen before you come in to order flowers. You’ll want to use the colors as your basis, but your flowers do not have to match perfectly, and in fact contrasting colors can be quite striking.

* While Pinterest is wonderful for inspiration, those designs are not always practical based upon your style of available seasonal flowers. Bring us your favorite Pinterest photos, and our designers will create a gorgeous piece perfect for you.

* Consider the floral designer your own personal stylist! Trust them to create truly beautiful formal flowers just for you, and don’t be afraid to let them give you suggestions and lend their expertise.

Trias Flowers is your source in Miami for homecoming flowers, whether for the dance or for the big game. Shop our online collection, stop by our shop, or give us a call today – and don’t forget to order early!