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Freshmen Must Haves for Moving Off To College

Getting ready for college can be a time of great excitement and fun! But there are also a lot of questions about just what you really need for your dorm room. What should you buy? What do you really need? When your student is moving away from home for the first time, there are certain items that all student need such as bedding, desk accessories and extra lighting. But what else does your student need? The designers at Trias Flowers have created a list of essential products that will make sure that your student has a fun and functional dorm room or apartment.


Chocolate and cookies snack basket

Gifts That Show You Care

A Reminder of Your Love Perhaps the most important thing that new college students need is the assurance of how much you care for them. Since this is probably the first time your student will live away from home, sending a care package to encourage them in their new lives will go a long way to show you are thinking about them. Trias Flowers has the perfect gift basket for your new freshman.


What student wouldn’t love a basket full of goodies? The Chocolate and Cookies Basket, filled with milk and dark chocolate candy and international cookies will be a hit with any college student!



Orange beauty bouquet



Maybe your student would prefer a beautiful bouquet or a living flower to brighten any dorm room. Trias Flowers, located in Miami is the place to go. The Orange Beauty arrangement has white hydrangeas and vivid orange roses in a lovely glass vase. What a treat for any dorm room!

White orchid in Napa Vase




Another option is the Single Orchid-White Napa Vase. This stately orchid blooms beautifully and would be a welcome addition to any room.

Other Great Gifts

Mini-fridge Grabbing a cold bottle of water on the way to class or grabbing a snack during a late night study session is much easier when there is a fridge in the dorm room. Having a supply of healthy foods like salads and fresh fruit will help your college student stay energetic and boost brainpower.

Shower Caddy Figuring out the bathroom and shower situation for a new college student can be difficult. Making sure that your student has all the essentials ready to go for a shower is so much easier when they have a shower caddy with many pockets to store shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

Laundry Backpack A backpack for laundry? You bet! Most students living in a dorm room will have to take their laundry somewhere else for washing. A good laundry backpack will include a large cinched bag for clothing and at least one mesh pocket for detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets. It will also have straps that will allow your student to wear the bag on their back, making for hands free transport of their laundry.

Power Strip With Surge Protection In today’s world most college students will have several electronic items (laptop, tablet, phone) that will need frequent charging to be usable. Make sure your student has at least one power strip to keep all these devices ready to go. And don’t forget to check out the cord length before buying!


Moving off to college can be a wonderful experience for the freshman. Whether you bring the flowers on move-in day to immediately brighten their surroundings or send the arrangement at a later date when homesickness might be setting in, Trias Flowers is the place to go to make sure your student knows how much you care.