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Posted by triasflowers on January 21, 2018 Uncategorized

A Garden Of Possibilities For Pantone’s Color Of The Year

Pantone recently tapped Ultra Violet to be its official Color of the Year for 2018. The company’s color experts describe the moods and meanings which its color, Ultra Violet, expresses as mysterious, mystical, meditative, and peaceful, inspiring, creative, forward-thinking, and visionary. Our expert designers at Trias Flowers cannot wait to help you celebrate all of 2018’s special occasions with the year’s most popular color.

To enjoy uncontaminated Ultra Violet and experience all of the color’s inspirational power, we suggest finding it in nature, where it blooms naturally on the face of countless flowers. With its lush blossoms saturated in 2018’s hottest color, our Orchid Garden features Ultra Violet in its purest essence. This features a container with purple orchids sprouting and spiraling above its base alongside glossy greens.

Ultra Violet is an intriguing color that will be popping up everywhere in 2018, but adding it to your home decor scheme through florals is a great way to be on trend without committing to a major change. Enjoy the mystery, majesty and complexity of the purple family this year.