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How to Keep Your Poinsettia Healthy All Year Long

A popular and colorful plant that pops up everywhere during the winter, Poinsettias are easier to care for than you think. Follow the expert tips from Trias Flowers below to keep this beauty around for next holiday as well. Also, check out the handy poinsettia care infographic at the end of this post.

Poinsettias are known for their vibrant red color, which makes them the ideal plant for the holidays. Through plant breeding, you can now find poinsettias in different colors, such as cream, salmon, white, and pink. The leaves, called bracts, are what give the plant its dramatic look, as the center flower is quite small and unremarkable. 

Christmas Poinsettia Care


Best Place for a Poinsettia in Your Home

One of the first things you need to figure out once you bring your poinsettia home is where to put it. Poinsettias need bright, indirect light, temperatures near 65 degrees F, and no cold drafts. Keep them from getting direct sunlight or their leaves could burn.

Watering Your Poinsettia

Overwatering is one of the biggest mistakes people make with this plant. Avoid this by placing your poinsettia, pot and all, in a basin filled with a few inches of water and allow it sit for 1 to 2 hours. Remove the plant when the soil is moist, not soggy. Allow the pot to drain thoroughly and then return it to its tray.

Based on the humidity levels of your home, you may need to water your poinsettia every 3 to 5 days. Water until the soil is moist to the touch and allow the plant to dry out in between. You will know if your poinsettia needs water when the edges of the leaves start to curl up.

Winter Poinsettia Care

Soon after the holiday season, the leaves (bracts) may start to fall off. There is no need to toss the plant, though, just put your poinsettia in a dark, cool area, decrease the amount of water so it dries out a bit, and wait until spring.  

Spring and Summer Poinsettia Care

When spring arrives, return your poinsettia to a well-lit, indirect light area. Water it well and cut the stems back to six inches. Now is also a good time to repot your plant.  When new growth has reached 7-10 inches,  pinch the stems back to promote a lush, full look. Continue doing as needed until late summer.

Fall Poinsettia Care

Coaxing a poinsettia to rebloom can be difficult but not impossible. Starting in early October the amount of light your plant receives becomes very important. For blooming to occur, poinsettias require long periods of darkness – a minimum of 12 hours of total darkness every day. At night, place a box over your plant, or move it to a closet to ensure no light gets through. During the day, bright light is still needed along with a daytime temp of 65-70 degrees F. 

If you have followed these steps carefully, then hopefully you have rebloomed poinsettia to enjoy again. If things didn’t go according to plan, do not get discouraged, reblooming takes patience and commitment. Plus, you can always support your local Miami florist and purchase a gorgeous new poinsettia for this year.