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Hydrangea: The Perfect Spring Flower

HydrangeaAs spring chases away the short days and early sunsets of winter, the beauty of the season arrives in the form of lush spring flowers and warmer temperatures. Before the true heat of the summer arrives, celebrate our “spring forward” with Trias Flowers and a vase of springtime hydrangeas.

Want to know more about this abundant and verdant flower? Read on to discover all about “hydrangea macrophylla” and how you can include them in your life this spring.

All About Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas originally came from China and Japan, but they’ve made their way around the world as a popular flower in many locales for gardens and tabletop arrangements indoors.

One of the reasons hydrangeas are such a popular flower is because of the huge globes of flowers that appear in the spring and fall in lush colors like red, blue, purple, and pink. When a large balloon of hydrangeas appears on a plant, it’s almost impossible to look at anything else.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until the summer to enjoy hydrangeas since they’re a popular bloom in vases of spring flowers with sunflowers, stargazer lilies, and alstroemeria. Hydrangeas are a beautiful gift to symbolize thanks, as well as to represent heartfelt emotion.


Spring Clear Vase with Hydrangea

Growing Hydrangea in Your Garden

A vase of hydrangeas, tulips, and roses is one of the most beautiful ways to welcome the spring into your home, but you can also enjoy hydrangeas in your garden if you’re up for getting in touch with your green thumb.

If you’ve got some room in your yard for some flowering plants, you’ll definitely want to consider hydrangeas, as it’s hard to beat the pure elegance and happiness of a hydrangea in bloom.

You’ll want to find a spot in your yard that gets some sun each day, and planting a paniculata hydrangea (“PeeGee” for short) is one option, as long as you remember to water them regularly.

A spot with sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon is usually best for your hydrangeas, so take note of the sun’s location throughout the day before you decide where to plant. An Oakleaf hydrangea is a variety to consider if part of your yard gets shady in the afternoon.


Spring Sensations

Hydrangeas truly warrant the label of “unique” in the plant world with their large and beautiful blooms. Whether you enjoy your hydrangea inside in a vase or outside in your garden, you’ll love the vibrancy and springtime feel of this exceptional flower.