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Impress Your Thanksgiving Host with a Creative Gift

It’s November, which means it’s the perfect time to bond with your friends and family and to remember all the things in your life for which you’re most grateful. If you’ve been invited to celebrate Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving at someone else’s home this year, don’t forget to show your appreciation with a thoughtful gift. At Trias Flowers, serving Miami and the surrounding areas, we’ve put together an extensive list of fun, creative, and thoughtful gift ideas that any host or hostess will love.

Great Gift Ideas for Any Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving Host

A hostess gift is a traditional and polite way to thank your host or hostess for their hospitality. You should always bring one when invited to dinner at someone’s home, even if it’s a potluck-style meal. Planning and organizing any dinner takes a huge amount of effort. Plus, it’s a ton of work to prepare one’s home for guests. Say thanks with a thoughtful token of your appreciation.

1. Friendsgiving

red daisies, orange mums and yellow lilies in vase

Autumn Delight

Like Thanksgiving, but reserved for friends only, Friendsgiving is a chance to celebrate your gratitude with your best buddies. It usually takes place on the Wednesday before or after Thanksgiving Day and is less formal than the actual holiday. Fun is always on the menu at Friendsgiving, so feel free to get a playful gift for your host.

  1. A game to play after dinner
  2. A set of kitschy oven mitts
  3. An assortment of funny fridge magnets
  4. A festive floral arrangement to get everyone into the spirit of the season
  5. Bath bombs to help your friend unwind after hosting
  6. Candles that smell like the best part of the season — pumpkin pie!
  7. A pack of party poppers

2. Thanksgiving with Your In-Laws

orange roses, yellow lilies, red berries arrangement

Autumn Beauty Centerpiece

Never arrive for a nice dinner at your in-laws’ house without a hostess gift. Whether you’ve known them for ages or will be meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time at Thanksgiving, be sure to bring a token of your appreciation. They’re inviting you into their home, family, and holiday traditions. Show your gratitude with a tasteful gift.

  1. A grand Thanksgiving centerpiece to complete their tablescape
  2. A sampler set of culinary sea salts
  3. Whiskey stones with a bottle of locally distilled spirits
  4. A stylish cheeseboard with knives and markers
  5. An essential oil diffuser with a lovely holiday scent
  6. A box of gourmet macarons or chocolates
  7. High-quality serving utensils are always appreciated at a Thanksgiving dinner

3. Thanksgiving with Your Family

Gourmet Coffee

If you plan to celebrate Thanksgiving with your family, you should still bring a hostess gift to dinner to show how much you care and show off your impeccable manners. Choose something your parents or grandparents will love or bring something for everyone to enjoy over the holiday.

  1. A homemade pie in a keepsake pie plate
  2. Cookie cutters and sprinkles in holiday shapes
  3. An activity or craft for the kids
  4. Sparkling cider, so everyone has something special to sip at dinner
  5. New toys to occupy the household pets
  6. Coasters to protect your mother or grandmother’s furniture
  7. Gourmet coffee to brew with dessert

A Gift That’s Perfect for Everyone

When it comes to choosing a hostess gift, you can’t go wrong with flowers or a potted plant. They never go out of style, and they’re appropriate for any recipient. If you decide to purchase flowers, just be sure to get an arrangement that’s all ready to go. Freshly cut flowers need to be trimmed and arranged in a vase, and your host won’t have time to worry about these things when busy entertaining guests.

We welcome you to stop by Trias Flowers for recommendations and help with selecting a gift for your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving host. We’ll help you choose an arrangement, centerpiece, or potted plant your host will adore.