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Posted by triasflowers on October 27, 2017 | Last Updated: September 22, 2020 Uncategorized

Make Veterans Day Special with Flowers


How do you make Veterans Day special for your favorite patriot? With flowers, of course.

Here at Trias Flowers, we’d be honored to provide some fresh, meaningful blooms this November 11, a day we’ve been celebrating as a country in one way or another since 1919. Our parades, parties, and other observances allow us to publicly recognize our U.S. military veterans, but we’re fans of the personal gesture, too. Since so many of our decorated friends and family live afar, or can’t make it to a public event, it’s nice to bring something special right to them.

We recommend focusing on a design that will appeal to both men and women, given the fact that most vets are male. In the case of our Pearly White, white hydrangeas and roses pose alongside snapdragons and are flanked by bear grass and aspidistra leaves. The overall effect is serene and graceful, just enough fanfare here for the occasion, but not showy or too festive.



Selecting a floral arrangement in a neutral shade ensures that the piece will work with other decors in the home or blend right in with holiday decor. It’s also a palette that will appeal to just about everyone. Extending your gratitude toward a veteran is an especially dignified gesture, and the flowers you offer them should communicate the same. We at Trias Flowers join you in honoring our community of military veterans.