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Meet The Teacher With A Bouquet Of Flowers

As the new school year approaches, the halls and offices of your local school become a beehive of activity as the everyone begins to set up for the first day of school. Each staff person, from teacher’s aides and secretaries, to custodians and administrators, has a specific job to do and the result is a welcoming environment where students are encouraged and supported in their learning. This year, why not foster positive energy during these preparation days by sending the staff of your local school a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from Trias Flowers? They’ll be delighted and blessed knowing they have your support.

A special way to welcome the staff back to school and let them know their efforts are appreciated is with our Orange Beauty Bouquet.

This magnificent design features orange roses floating atop a cloud of white hydrangea and aspidistra milky way, accented by white snapdragons. Small enough to display on an office desk or in a teacher’s lounge, but big enough to make an impact, this inspiring display will encourage your school’s staff in their hard work.
Let your school know how much their dedication matters by sending a beautiful back-to-school arrangement of flowers. The floral experts at Trias Flowers are always glad to help you choose the perfect arrangement for you. Be the inspiration that leads to success.