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Send Love to Those Who Helped You Bloom

Valentine’s Day has an ancient history deeply rooted in love, and while it has evolved from an ancient ritual into the commercial holiday we celebrate today, its meaning hasn’t faded, and it remains an important part of modern culture. Valentine’s Day has been and always will be a day for love. However, while most focus on its romantic aspect, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating all sorts of love, from Galentine’s Day with our girls to a day of self-love by ourselves and showing others we love them with heartfelt messages and thoughtful gifts. Here at Trias Flowers, the top florist in Miami, we are honoring the mentors in our lives, from family and friends to coworkers, coaches, and instructors. So, this Valentine’s Day, we are expressing our gratitude, appreciation, and love with thoughtful flowers.

Show Your Gratitude with Valentine’s Day Flowers

Gifts for Teachers & Coaches

Teachers, coaches, and instructors are often honored at the end of a teaching period or season, particularly if they won an award. For teachers, coaches, and mentors of any kind, green blooms are a fantastic gift choice as they signify luck, resilience, and youthfulness. Indigo flowers represent integrity, wisdom, structure, intuition, and sincerity, making them an obvious go-to, and red anthuriums are sure to brighten up any classroom, office, or home. All of these flowers make excellent gifts for teachers and coaches. You cannot go wrong.

Gifts for Bosses & Coworkers

One of the most prevalent parts of our lives is our work environment and the coworkers, managers, and bosses that we interact with and that lift us up, challenge us, and bring out the best in us. To honor their leadership and mentorship, bring dazzling and mood-boosting orange flowers into the office, like birds of paradise, to convey your thoughtfulness and love for their motivation.

Gifts for Mom & Dad

The unconditional love we receive from our parents is unlike any other love we experience. Regardless of your age, you can always count on your mom or dad to be your Valentine. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your mom and dad that shows your reciprocated unconditional love, there is nothing better than flowers. When picking the best ones, consider that mothers may swoon over dainty pink, white, and lavender blooms, and fathers will surely be delighted by rich, bold, bright, and strong stems.

Gifts for Grandma & Grampa

Like parents, our grandparents have played an important role in our lives. Perhaps they were simply always there, ready to give you a big hug and some sweet treats. Maybe they were a friend living up to all the expectations you ever had. Whatever your relationship with your grandparents, this Valentine’s Day, return the love with a refreshing floral arrangement that will bring a smile to their faces while warming their hearts. Orchids are a thoughtful choice, as any grandparent will appreciate their exotic beauty and extensive symbolism. Purple flowers are floral representations of dignity, refinement, pride, success, tradition, admiration, and elegance.

Gifts for Older Siblings & Trusted Friends

The love we have for our older siblings and trusted friends, perhaps the neighbor across the street who always shared life advice growing up, is unmatched. It’s the kind of love that is offered to us with no strings attached. The purest love, simply because you chose to be friends. Whether it’s a Galentine’s Day girls’ night in or a platonic Valentine’s Day celebration, flowers will fit right in. Sisterhood is symbolized by goldenrod and blue aster, and close guy friends and brothers will probably enjoy a low-maintenance plant, like succulents. When in doubt, turn to yellow blooms. Yellow flowers of any kind signify positivity, lightheartedness, happiness, and friendship.

Flowers are the best go-to gift for anyone. Both men and women feel a boost of energy and a wave of joy when presented with a dazzling arrangement of fresh blooms. With a range in color, shapes, sizes, luxury, and price, you can bet that whatever bouquet you select for your mentor, it will be unique and something they don’t already have. To brighten the day and share the love, browse the collection of Valentine’s Day flowers from Trias Flowers in Miami.

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