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Posted by triasflowers on June 18, 2018 Uncategorized

A Summer Party Calls For Flowers

If you’re hosting a summer dinner party this June—and we here at Trias Flowers sure hope you are—you’re going to need flowers.

This season’s menu is all about bright, citrus-forward flavors. We want our food to refresh us, invigorate us, invite us to try new tastes and textures. Summer has an air of easy elegance about it—the sultry weather and longer days lead to balmy nights punctuated by the chant of cicadas. We entertain with platters of salmon, dishes of ceviche, bowls of gazpacho and fresh-from-the-garden salads heaving with vegetables. Our flowers should take a note from our menus, no?

We feel that’s exactly what our Hydrangea and Cymbidiums design does. Lemon-hued orchids combine with puffy white hydrangea to create a floral effect that looks like dessert. But don’t eat it—that’s what the sorbet is for. Instead, you and your guests can let your eyes rest on something that both visually enhances your gathering and supports the appetite everyone brings to it. 

We’ve wrapped this in greens and added a little curly willow to contribute an organic vibe. Two or three of these beauties look just right down the center of a dining table or set out on individual ones, if you’ve got a dinner party taking place in the garden or around the pool, under the moonlight.