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Posted by triasflowers on January 15, 2018 | Last Updated: January 17, 2018 Uncategorized

A Sweet Gift For Your Bestie On Galentine’s Day

There’s one day that rolls around each year and offers you the chance to express your love to the people you care about the most. No, it’s not Valentine’s Day; it’s Galentine’s Day, a variant of the biggest romantic holiday of all time. This day is devoted to celebrating the love between female friends or family members, and arose out of a 2010 episode of NBC’s Parks and Recreation. In that, the main character rounded up all her girls for lunch, gave them gifts and then proclaimed February 13 “Galentine’s . . . only the best day of the year.”

Trias Flowers loves the concept, and we have some ideas about what you can give for it.

Send your bestie (or your mom or sister) flowers, but avoid going the roses route. After all, they’re likely to get some long-stemmed stunners the very next day. Instead, use this as an opportunity to pick out something truly distinctive and charming like our Golden Silver Cache Pot.

This sweet little beauty feels really elegant and special but also feminine in that it utilizes those pink hues and has a striking shape. The best part? It comes with a little silver pot with detail that can be used again and feels like a gift in its own right.