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Trias Flowers – National Floral Design Day

floral design dayWhether for ceremonial, societal or cultural reasons, flowers have filled our lives since the dawn of history. They are evidenced in our traditions, our stories that we pass down, and our rituals. At Trias Flowers, we know that we still use flowers for a variety of purposes in our modern culture; but the age-old tradition of utilizing floral designs to create artwork is one of our favorite ways to love flowers.


Flower arrangement utilizes authentic design elements – such as color theory and structure – in the creation of a bouquet that is as structurally proficient as it is beautiful. Art expresses itself through many shapes, forms and mediums – and Trias believes that the artistry of floral design should take its place as legitimate art, as much as paintings and sculptures.

floral design day floral design day

As it was in antiquity and still is today, there are many with a passion for the artistry of flowers. On February 28th, the country celebrates National Floral Design Day, which emphasizes the use of flowers as art in our culture. Carl Rittners is the man and floral artist credited with bringing this school of thought to American florists; and opening an actual school to train the future generations who share his vision. – Rittners’ School of Floral Design in Boston is the physical legacy Rittners’ left to our industry; the holiday, which takes place on his birthday, is his philosophical legacy.


Speaking of legacy, Trias Fowers in Miami is proud of the tradition of beautiful floral masterpieces we have established. We have long appreciated the artistry of unique floral design – so when you are searching for a truly innovative piece, Tria’s is your best choice! Flowers embody everything we love about art, emotion and beauty – come into our Miami showroom to choose from one of our lovely arrangements, or let us help you to create your own. National Floral Design Day is a great opportunity to grace your home with a living work of art!