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This Valentine’s Day Give Something Different

shutterstock_123839782With Valentine’s Day inching up on us, you need to put on your thinking cap to come up with something that will wow that special someone in your life. The one flower people always associate with Valentine’s Day is the red rose. This year, the staff at Trias Flowers encouraging you to be creative and to think outside the box.

We’ve made sure that we have an assortment of unusual plants and flower arrangements, including calla lilies, hydrangeas, Bird of Paradise stems, Anthirium stems, even stems of tropical ginger. Just in case there’s a guy out there who wants to use Valentine’s Day to propose to the woman he loves, we’ve got Dom Perignon you can add to the flowers or plant you choose. It is sure to be a day you’ll both remember forever.

Something Exotic

Roses won’t last long, but this huge Tripe Bromeliad Plant will last for a long time. With the right care, these plants produce babies that will continue the cycle of flowering. Your recipient can even plant this outside sometime after Valentine’s Day and it will thrive in Miami’s ideal climate. These plants have very shallow roots, so too much water will cause the roots and plant core to rot. When watering, don’t water the soil directly. Gently drip water into the center of the plant’s leaves. This will keep the water from concentrating in the sensitive rot-prone areas.

Something Elegant and Unusual

The first flower that comes to mind when talking about elegant and unusual is the orchid. We’re thrilled to have a variety of orchid arrangements, including Cymbidium and Dendrobium orchids, and an arrangement of orchids will certainly stop a recipient in their tracks, surprising them in the best way. We pull out all the stops when putting our Classical Cymbidium Orchids bouquet together. Using a modern vase, we assembled an arrangement of pink and yellow Cymbidium orchids with accents of bear grass and massengeana grass manipulated to look like a bow tied from ribbon.

Show Your Love with Treats

Maybe you know someone who would rather receive some gourmet treats. We are prepared with baskets of all sizes, both with and without wine. Your loved one will be ready to picnic in style with this Gourmet Basket with Wine. We include red and white wine, caviar, sausage, ham, peanuts, and plenty of chocolate and cookies. All our gourmet baskets are chock full of the delicious goodies. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be an occasion that’s exclusive to women.