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Posted by triasflowers on December 22, 2017 Uncategorized

Winter’s White Stunners

You may be thinking about giving an orchid as a gift this year, but we here at Trias Flowers have a better idea: keep it for yourself. Better still, make it two.

Winter is the perfect time to commit to such a graceful, sculptural and yet demanding flower. The truth is, if you know just a little about orchid care, you can keep these beauties going for months. And what better time to start something new – a relationship, if you will – than in winter, season of New Year’s resolutions?

Our Double Orchid is the perfect gift to give yourself and everyone else you live with. This sleek pair is guided by a glass rod planted firmly in a modern black cube. The transparency of the training rods is key to this look, keeping the focus solidly on the flowers and not on what is guiding them upwards. And when you have something this gorgeous posing in your living or dining room, you don’t want anything to detract from it. 

Do we even need to tell you that this is exactly the kind of flower that inspires serenity in a home, and wins the admiration of all who encounter it? Probably not.