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World Peace Day Flowers

world peace dayIn 1997, Miami native Don Morris had a radical idea. He imagined that world peace could be achieved, one relationship at a time. If everyone was kind to one another in their daily lives; if people chose to be peace makers instead of peace breakers; if people were to lay down their arguments and differences – what would happen?


Morris, known locally as the “Peaceguy”, began a grass roots movement that is not affiliated with any government, or any religion. It does not have formal organization. Yet the day continues to grow in popularity exactly the way it was designed to – through the efforts of individuals doing their part, in their own little corner of the world. Those who wish to participate are also encouraged to meditate or pray for world peace; to drive with headlights on all day as a show of solidarity for those fighting for peace; and to send the origami paper stork, a symbol of peace, to lawmakers.



In the language of flowers, white roses are said to exude peace, and blue is the color of serenity. If you choose to celebrate World Peace Day by sending a floral bouquet to someone you wish to reconcile with, this is a striking and thoughtful arrangement to express your sentiments.

world peace day

As Trias Flowers is located in the birthplace of World Peace Day, we hope you will join us in our sincere wish for peace across our city, our country and the global community. However we can assist and inspire you to spread a little peace – throughout Miami and beyond – we look forward to seeing you in our flower shop soon.