Scented Candles

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Favorites in Scented Candles

Make any space feel cozy with one of these scented candles. Our assortment of candles features popular items from Voluspa and Votivo. They’re a fantastic addition to any gift!

Sending a scented candle from Trias Flowers in Miami is a gift that whispers of ambiance and relaxation in the most aromatic way possible. A candle is a small beacon of warmth that transforms space with its glow, and when it's scented, it becomes an immersive experience that can transport the senses to far-off places or cozy memories.

Imagine the recipient lighting the candle and being enveloped by the fragrance of tropical florals, reminiscent of Miami's lush gardens or the soothing scent of vanilla that turns a house into a home. Each scent curated by Trias Flowers is selected for its ability to create an atmosphere, be it one of serenity, invigoration, or festive cheer.

These candles aren't just gifts but mood setters, room enhancers, and ambiance creators. They are the unsung heroes of a relaxing evening or a lively dinner party. Gifting a scented candle from Trias Flowers says you're not just giving a decorative object but an experience—a chance to unwind, breathe, and bask in the luxury of scented bliss. It's a thoughtful, intimate present, perfect for anyone in your life who deserves a moment of fragrant tranquility.

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