Birthday Plants

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Favorites in Birthday Plants

What do you get for the person who has everything? Why, a birthday plant, of course! From orchids to bromeliads, your gift will bloom all year with one of these birthday plants. Trias Flowers & Gifts delivers through our select affiliates throughout Miami and across the country. Same-day delivery is available.

Sending a birthday plant from Trias Flowers in Miami, FL, is like delivering a burst of life’s party straight to someone’s doorstep! It’s not just a gift; it's a triumphant companion that grows with the recipient, a perpetual celebration of their special day.

Imagine a cheery succulent that winks with dew in the morning light, a symbol of enduring happiness. Or a lush peace lily, with its elegant white blooms, cheering, "Surprise!" every time a new flower unfurls. And then there’s the vibrant snake plant, standing tall like a bunch of exclamation marks, saying, "Let’s celebrate!" in the corner of the room. Each plant has its own set of playful quirks and easy-care instructions, making them the perfect pals for anyone—whether they possess the proverbial green thumb or are novices in the botanical bash. The folks at Trias Flowers handpick the most delightful and resilient plants, ensuring that each leafy guest is dressed to impress and ready to party.

Sending a birthday plant from Trias Flowers is a whimsical way to say "Happy Birthday!" It's a gift that keeps on giving, inviting the birthday person to a daily dance with nature and reminding them that with each new leaf comes the promise of joy, growth, and a touch of Trias' floral magic.

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