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Posted by triasflowers on August 4, 2019 | Last Updated: August 7, 2019 Uncategorized

4 Ways To Make This Grandparents Day The Best One Yet

The first Sunday in September after Labor Day, National Grandparents Day, is a holiday to honor the tireless devotion and love that our grandparents give to us. For once, the grandchildren can spoil the grandparents! Trias Flowers would love to deliver floral bouquets, plants or dish gardens to your grandparent’s residence, nursing home, hospital or assisted living facility in the greater Miami area. To celebrate your grandparents, the designers at Trias Flowers have come up with 4 ways to make this Grandparents Day the best one yet. 

Send Gorgeous Blooms

Everyone loves receiving flowers and plants, and your grandparents are no exception. Imagine their surprise as they open the door to a vibrant floral display. The Butterfly Basket includes colorful, fresh flowers and playful butterflies in a handy wicker basket.


For the orchid lover, Dendrobium Orchids Square Vase is filled with vivid pink orchids in a delightful glass vase.



And for your grandfather or grandmother in the Miami area who has a sweet tooth, the Oh My Gosh! Brigadeiros 8 Piece Chocolates will captivate the chocolate lover with exquisite, rich chocolate candies that are almost too pretty to eat! No matter which gift your choose, your grandparents will certainly know that you care. 

An Afternoon At the Playground

For grandparents that have young grandchildren, a great way to spend Grandparents Day is a special outing to a playground. The grandchildren will love the close attention as grandma pushes the swings and grandpa shows off his strength on the teeter-totter. As the grandchildren run around and play, grandparents can watch and remember the fun of days gone by when they were little and loved playgrounds too. 

Share a Hobby

We know that grandparents are full of wisdom, but they also have skills to share with their young grandchildren. Maybe grandma knits or sews, and grandpa is an avid gardener or fisherman. The grandkids would delight in spending an afternoon with grandma or grandpa learning to knit a scarf or tell stories about the big one that got away. And grandma and Grandpa would be thrilled to know that their hobbies are going to carry-on.

Create a Homemade Card

When grandparents live far away, what better way to show how much you care then a homemade card. Let the grandkids be creative, adding stickers drawings and even a lovely grandparents day poem to their cards. Add in a recent photo of each of the grandkids, and your grandparents will think that homemade cards will bring lasting memories for years to come..

Grandparents Day is an important holiday to help us remember how important family is. Choosing a lovely floral arrangement or potted plant is an excellent way to honor your grandparents. Trias Flowers’ design experts will be happy to make appropriate gift suggestions for your grandparents. Located in the Miami area, Trias Flowers wants this to be the happiest Grandparents Day of all!