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5 Fun and Fast Ideas for Decorating the Front Porch for Fall

One of the best ways to celebrate the autumn season is by decorating your front porch, steps, pathway, and doorway with a fun and festive design. A seasonal display will brighten the front of your house and give it a cheerful, welcoming look. With these easy tips from our design experts at Trias Flowers, you’ll instantly boost your Miami curb appeal and impress your friends, neighbors, and family.

Mums and Pumpkins

Fall Flowers

When it comes to favorite fall flowers, there’s no contest. Chrysanthemums are definitely the most popular. They’re in-season, which means potted varieties continue to bloom in abundance. Plus, they’re available in just about every color you can imagine, including all the favorites for autumn like yellow, orange, red, and gold.

Thanks to Miami’s warm, sunny weather, we have more options for creating interesting outdoor autumn displays. One of our favorites is the bromeliads, a spiky, tropical flower ablaze with autumn’s fiery hues. Mix your bromeliads with potted mums and greenery like kale and croton plants for a visually dynamic outdoor floral design.

Front Door Festivity

The focal point of any front porch design should be the front door. Don’t forget to come up with something special for yours. You can greet guests with a hanging basket of apple-sweet hospitality or go for a more traditional design with a decorative wreath. If your front door design can’t accommodate anything hanging, then highlight your home’s main entrance by draping a garland of flowers or fall foliage over your doorframe.

Pumpkins Aplenty and Gourds Galore

Fall decorations aren’t complete without pumpkins and gourds. We recommend gathering pumpkins and gourds in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures. These no-fuss design elements look beautiful displayed naturally in interesting groups. You can also take the design up a notch by painting your pumpkins with fun patterns, seasonal pictures, or even your house numbers. Add an elegant touch by spraying yours with metallic gold or silver paint. To make sure your pumpkins last throughout the season, refrain from carving them up for Halloween.

Autumn Accents

Infuse your design with personality and playfulness by using plenty of fun autumn accents. With these elements, you can easily transition your floral display from October to November by replacing spooky objects like bats, ghosts, and spiderwebs with harvest pieces such as owls, acorns, cornstalks, wheat, hay bales, scarecrows, and more!

Bountiful Beauty

One of the main themes of the season is the harvest. Capitalize on the idea of abundance by creating a bountiful design around your front porch. Mix in all sorts of autumn elements while maintaining a symmetrical balance on either side of your front door. To create a cornucopia look, pile on the layers of flowers, greenery, pumpkins, gourds, and more!

Bromeliad Beauty

Autumn Sunset

Autumn Life

Celebrate the Season Inside with Fall Floral Arrangements!

There’s no reason your autumn display has to stop at the front door; bring the festive fun indoors with specially designed fall floral arrangements. At Trias Flowers, we have a variety of floral designs created especially for autumn. Brighten a dark corner or adorn your dining table with a lovely Autumn Sunset bouquet centerpiece or floral accent. To view our complete seasonal selection, we welcome you to stop by our showroom or order online today.