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How to Celebrate National Houseplant Appreciation Day

National Houseplant Appreciation Day is almost here; do you know how you’re going to celebrate? In 2015, National Houseplant Appreciation Day falls on Saturday, January 10. It’s the perfect time for sending gift plants for those you care about, or buying more for your own home.

House plants improve the energy of our homes and workspaces in a variety of ways. They help to process CO2, make the air more oxygen-rich, and they help to neutralize VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can get into our home environment from items like new furniture and carpeting. House plants are also a valuable element in the art of Feng Shui, which promotes the optimal flow of life-force energy (chi). The following plant ideas are excellent for promoting better Feng Shui and health benefits in your home or office:

Lucky Bamboo

The bamboo plant, sometimes referred to as “Lucky Bamboo,” has been a symbol of good luck for centuries in many Asian countries. Bamboo is cared for by making sure it receives fresh, clean water regularly and is kept in mild temperatures with partial sunlight. For a more serene, “zen” vibe in your home or office space, make Lucky Bamboo a part of your decor, or give it as a thoughtful gift.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum Plant)

The Spathiphyllum Plant definitely lives up to its nickname; Peace Lily promotes a tranquil, peaceful vibe within your home and can make you feel less stressed at the office. It’s easy to care for and the shiny dark green leaves can complement just about any home or office decor. Consider giving a Spathiphyllum Plant in a rattan basket for your own home or for someone you love.


Bromeliad is a beautiful blooming green plant that offers Feng Shui as well as household energy benefits. Its sleek, flowing dark green leaves shine with vitality and the plant blooms interesting flowers in shades of orange red. Bromeliad also offers a number of health benefits; they help cleanse your air and are even said to offset the radiation that computers emanate. This makes Bromeliad a great choice for the workplace or home office.

National Houseplant Appreciation Day only comes around once a year, but you can give the gift that keeps on giving all year long. Consider these beautiful gift ideas for National Houseplant Appreciation Day. If you have any questions, contact Tria’s Flowers for more information.