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The traditional cornucopia, or ‘horn of plenty’, is a common centerpiece on our holiday tables. Through the centuries the horn-shaped basket overflowing with fruits, nuts, gourds and grains has symbolized abundance, prosperity and good luck. Although the cornucopia did not originate as a Thanksgiving icon, it has come to be one of the recognizable items during the holiday season.

The first documentation we have of the existence of a cornucopia was from Greek and Rome cultures in 5 B.C.; it became a manifestation of thankfulness and gratitude much later, during European harvest festivals which celebrated a bountiful crop. Of course, it is widely assumed that the horn of plenty was displayed at the famous first Thanksgiving in Plymouth; the nature of their feast would make its presence a natural expression of plenty and blessing.


Thanksgiving cornucopias from Trias Flowers are overflowing with a different type of nature’s bounty, gorgeous and vivid fall blossoms. Our Autumn Bountiful arrangement showcases large sunflowers, red and orange roses, hydrangea and alstromeria; as well as wheat and cattail accents. If you are looking for a centerpiece that is a little less traditional, we recommend the Autumn Grand Cornucopia – psittacorum and safari sunset flowers combine with roses and hydrangea to create a striking and unique Thanksgiving centerpiece.

This Thanksgiving, look to Trias Flowers for all your holiday décor. From the traditional cornucopia to vibrant autumn bouquets, our floral experts are looking forward to providing all the beauty of the fall season to your holiday table and gathering. Whether you are staying in Miami for the holiday, or traveling to be a guest, make sure a gorgeous Thanksgiving floral arrangement from Trias Flowers is a part of the festivities.