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It’s Flower Time for Grandparent’s Day!

bouquetNational Grandparent’s Day is a holiday set aside each year to honor our beloved elders. It’s a day for both old and young to bridge the gap between generations, spend time together, bond and exchange wisdom and support.

Grandparent’s Day was initiated in 1978 in the U.S. by Marian Lucille Herndon McQuade of West Virginia. At the time, Marian and her husband Joseph had a large family of 15 children, 43 grandchildren, ten great-grandchildren, and even one great-great-grandchild. Grandparent’s Day was founded to honor their long marriage (60-plus years before Mr. McQuade passed away) and their legacy of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They wanted grandparents and grandchildren all over the country to feel the same family joy and connection that had blessed their family.

The McQuades had three purposes for National Grandparents Day as follows:

1. To honor grandparents.
2. To celebrate the love between grandparents and their children’s children.
3. To remind young people about the strength, guidance and wisdom that elders can offer.
Grandparent’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day; this year, Grandparent’s Day is on Sunday, September 7th. How will you mark the occasion this year?

Whether you will be visiting your grandparents in person or wish to honor them from across the miles, one of the most touching things you can do is give the gift of flowers. Flowers are universally accepted as a beautiful, heartfelt gift, no matter what the occasion. You can be sure that flowers will brighten your grandparents’ day.

But what kind to send? You can start by finding out their favorite flower(s) from their children (your parents.) At the very least, find out their favorite color and you can make your flower choice accordingly. A mixed or themed bouquet is another great option.

A Touch of Summer

On Grandparent’s Day, it is still technically summer (autumn begins on September 23), so if your grandparents love bright summer colors, a summer arrangement can really make their day. Royal Romance brings luxurious mokara, cymbidium orchids and yellow roses together, and Island Breeze combines premium tropical blooms. Can’t decide? Browse All-Occasion flowers for plenty of ideas and inspiration.

Autumn Gold

The aura and vibe of autumn is already in the air, so an autumn themed flower arrangement is another great possibility. The rich orange, yellow, gold, red and earth tones can make for an autumn celebration your grandparents will love. Sunflower Sensation is an excellent late-summer/early autumn choice, as is Cooling Citrus with its yellow and orange roses plus white hydrangea in a glass vase.

There’s a perfect bouquet to make your grandparents’ day. Use these summer and autumn ideas as inspiration for finding the perfect flowers for Grandparent’s Day.