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Posted by triasflowers on August 27, 2018 Uncategorized

Honoring Our Beloved Elders Through Flowers

As September approaches, and we begin to prepare for fall holidays, be sure to add Grandparents Day to your calendar. Observed on the first Sunday after Labor Day, this special occasion has taken on great meaning for many families since its advent in the 1970s. It was begun for several purposes: to honor grandparents, to recognize the guidance and wisdom older people can share with children, and to provide an opportunity for grandparents to show love to their children’s children. One original tradition from this day was the giving of Forget-Me-Nots. Trias Flowers recommends updating this trend to include flowers that reflect special meaning to your grandparents or within your family.

Why not bring some Yellow Beauty to the family gathering for Grandparents Day this year? Yellow roses floating atop white hydrangea, accented with white snapdradons and aspidistra milky way give this sweet design a classic look, while the leaf-wrapped container gives it a modern twist. Use as centerpieces for brunch or gift to grandparents to show your love and respect for them.

No matter how you commemorate Grandparents Day, be sure to make it extra-special with a beautiful bouquet of favorite flowers from Trias Flowers. Our floral designers are always creating amazing pieces that will show your grandparents how loved they are.