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Show How Much You Care with Get-Well Flowers

When a friend or loved one is in the hospital, you want to let them know they’re in your thoughts, that you’re supporting and encouraging them. A great way to show you care is by sending cards, gifts, and especially flowers. Flowers are known to boost spirits and have been proven to make people smile longer and more fully than other types of gifts. But there are so many flowers to choose from and a lot to think about when sending them to a hospital- where to start? 

The floral experts at Trias Florist are here to provide you with tips about choosing get-well flowers that fit into hospital settings, and those that convey a special sentiment. We’ll also guide you through the process of hospital deliveries to ensure your arrangement arrives when and where it should.

Show How Much You Care With the Flowers You Choose

Sending flowers when someone is hospitalized is a lovely gesture. But there are a few things to consider before doing so. Read these tips as you choose which flowers to send. 

  1. Choose flowers that are long-lasting and low-maintenance. Plants and flowers that will withstand the test of time are an excellent choice for get-well blooms because the patient can take them home with them after their hospital stay. Low-maintenance designs will give your recipient more time and energy to focus on recovery.
  2. Choose flowers that are allergy-free. Not everyone loves the scent of fresh flowers and some may even be allergy-prone. Choose hypoallergenic or non-odorous flowers to keep your loved one’s hospital room allergen-free.
  3. Choose flowers that are bright and happy.  Cheerful, colorful blooms will not just lift up your loved one’s spirits. They will dress up any drab hospital room. Send something happy and full of color to encourage your recipient to get well quickly.
  4. Choose flowers that come in durable containers. While glass and other fragile containers are beautiful they can also be a hazard in a busy hospital room. Opt for containers like the basket in our Butterfly Basket Design that are more durable in case your arrangement is bumped, moved or knocked over during their hospital stay.
  5. Choose flowers in smaller arrangements. Hospitals are cramped, tight spaces and a smaller, more compact design like our Sunburst Garden Bouquet is a better option for get-well flowers. Plus, your recipient will have an easier time bringing home a smaller arrangement. 

Butterfly Basket Design

Sunburst Garden Bouquet

Show How Much You Care With The Meaning You Choose 

For centuries flowers have carried a particular meaning with them, depending on the variety and color. To choose flowers that convey or symbolize a special meaning, take a look at some of the more popular get-well flowers, many found in our Blossom Bouquet, and the meetings they symbolize.

  • Hydrangea: Fresh, fluffy blooms in a variety of pastel colors characterize this flower that symbolizes perseverance.
  • Alstroemeria: Bold and tropical, this bright flower is an iconic symbol for strength and withstanding life’s many trials. 
  • Lilies: Creamy, colorful blooms, calla lilies symbolize a long life and good fortune. 
  • Daisies: These sweet, happy blooms with symmetric petals around a middle disk symbolize new beginnings and cheerful. 
  • Roses: Classic, beautiful and fragrant, roses can stand for anything from good fortune to cheerful wishes. 
  • Iris: Meaning “rainbow” in Greek, this deep blue or purple bloom symbolizes good luck.

Blossom Bouquet

Sending flowers can be a simple, easy process when you take a few minutes to ensure a smooth delivery. Talk to the hospital before ordering your flowers to find out if they recommend particular delivery times. Be sure to tell your florist the full name and address of the medical center, as well as the full name and room number of the patient. From there, the professionals at Trias Flowers will be sure your selected blooms will arrive looking fresh and beautiful every time. We know you want to show you care and we’re here to help you do just that. 

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