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Meaningful Flowers for Your Baby Shower

Baby showers are a great way to celebrate bringing a new bundle of joy into the world. Besides gifts that will help the new parents raise their little ones, baby showers are also meant to be joyous and celebratory. If you’re hosting a baby shower, make it extra special by including fresh flowers to set the tone. If you need a few ideas on themes and decor, we’ve covered you here at Trias Flowers. We’ve listed our favorite baby shower ideas and decor inspiration to please any soon-to-be parent. First, start with flowers – select the baby’s birth flower, the mom’s favorite flowers, or both. Continue reading below for more baby shower ideas and themes.

Baby Shower Blooms & Decoration Ideas

Rose Themed Baby Shower

You can’t go wrong with roses – the most beloved and universally recognized flower in the world. Their loveliness and symbolism of love, beauty, joy, friendship, innocence, grace, and new beginnings make them an excellent choice for any baby shower theme. Plus, roses come in a wide variety of colors, so hosting a rose-themed baby shower has endless possibilities. For example, choose a monochromatic color palette in blue or pink for a boy and girl theme, a soft collection of pastels in yellow, orange, white, or cream for a gender-neutral theme, or a rainbow of bright colors for an explosion of color. Display fresh-cut roses as centerpieces, place them on the food or gift table, or leave a stem near a place setting as a party favor for attendees.

Sunflower-Themed Baby Shower

Sunflowers are an excellent choice for baby showers. These big, bright blooms represent optimism, joy, love, growth, happiness, and strength, and their yellow color is ideal for gender-neutral celebrations. Sunflowers are versatile and can be used to create a rustic look with mason jars, baby’s breath, and wood accents or a boho theme when paired with free-flowing greenery, pampas grass, and richly colored blooms. Additional decor ideas include baby bumble bees, sunflower cake decorations, yellow and white balloons, and sunflower cupcakes.

Wildflower-Themed Baby Shower

Unique, beautiful, and wild are apt words for describing young children, and a baby shower filled with wildflowers accentuates this idea and makes for a striking and lovely event. Wildflowers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so your decor options are endless. Put wildflowers in vases and place them on each table, tie a few up with ribbons and tape them onto presents, or decorate cookies and cupcakes with images of flowers. Finally, create a crown of wildflowers for the mom-to-be to wear during the shower.

Greenery-Themed Baby Shower

Greenery-filled and nature-themed baby showers are super popular these days and perfect for any gender. This refreshing and minimalistic style is excellent for creating a healthy, relaxed celebration for mom and her guests. Decorate the venue with lush, leafy-green plants and leaves on tables along with white, orange, cream, and yellow floral accents. Hanging vines and branches add a nice touch, as well as berries, proteas, and eucalyptus for its cleansing and healing properties.

“April Showers Bring May Flowers” Baby Shower

If you are hosting a baby shower in April or May, use an “April Showers Bring May Flowers” theme. With this fun saying, you can include various spring blooms to create a fresh, spring-filled atmosphere ripe with apropro symbolism of birth, new beginnings, and fertility. Enjoy mixing and matching spring flowers for decorative centerpieces and other floral accents. Include watering cans, raincoats, and colorful umbrellas to complete this charming theme.

Flowers are perfect for celebrating all occasions, especially a new bundle of joy! With the precious petals in beautiful hues, symbolic blooms that are beautiful miracles from Mother Nature, much like babies, are a great way to welcome new life. For all your flower needs, browse our best-sellers and know Trias Flowers always has the freshest, longest-lasting blooms.