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Posted by triasflowers on October 20, 2017 | Last Updated: September 23, 2020 Uncategorized

Modern Elegance with Mums


When we think of the chicest flowers, a few come to mind: roses, orchid, lily, tulips. Rarely do we consider the humble mum a part of that category. The ubiquitous flowering plant is usually found cheering up doorsteps or flower beds come Fall, even here in Miami, where the already-thirsty mum is made even thirstier. But there are many varieties of mums in all the harvest hues. The kind you’ll want to bring indoors. The kind you’ll want to set in the center of your holiday dining area or entryway table.

We at Trias Flowers are here to show you just how elegant mums – especially when blended with other flowers – can be.

Our Autumn Harvest Bouquet is the perfect example of how mums can play a major role in giving a more formal arrangement of some life and interest. Red roses, hydrangea, and lilies bring their classic grace to the design, while cattails, greens, and purple leaves remind us what season we’re in. It’s the rover red mums that brighten the whole presentation and hint at the garden instead of the hothouse.

The combination of high and low flowers is a contemporary approach to floral decor; it feels of the moment, and yet still in the spirit of Fall. Trias Flowers thinks of a piece like this as something that can work from late Summer to early Winter, given its reds and greens and quietly festive spirit.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box this year when it comes to pulling perennial standbys like mums into your statement floral decor. You won’t be sorry.