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Picking the Best Flowers for a Winter Wedding  

thumbnail-1Summer weddings seem to get all the attention, but a winter setting offers the opportunity for beautiful, understated elegance in your decor. The perfect winter wedding flowers will accent your event flawlessly and leave guests in awe over the decor. Consider these alluring winter wedding flower choices to highlight your special day:

Sleek, Chic Lilies
Lilies make an undeniable impact at weddings. They symbolizes a fresh start and new beginnings, and come in a variety of colors and scents. Pastels, whites and bolder tones are all available. Stargazer lilies offer otherworldly charm, and the calla lily’s silky trumpet shape exudes elegance and class. Asiatic Lilies offer a more subtle scent.

Classic Rose, Love’s Bloom

Roses never fail to delight at weddings, as this is a ceremony with love as the focus. Consider decorating with roses in shades of burgundy, purple, white or cream for your winter wedding. Going with just one color can be impactful, or opt for a softer effect with pastels paired with white or cream.

Gardenia Grace and Style

The gardenia’s impressive, delicate blooms make for stunning centerpieces, bridesmaid’s bouquets, and decor. With its bright white appeal, gardenia can perfectly accent your ceremony or reception hall.

Exotic Orchid
Add ornamental chic to any winter wedding with the exotic orchid. Its simple elegance will make an impact while adorning your bridesmaids, in bouquets, within your centerpieces, or decorating the church.

Hydrangea feature bright, textured petals that are sure to add interest to your wedding decor. This bloom comes in different colors but looks exceptionally amazing in shades of white, purple and blue. From centerpieces to bouquets, lush hydrangea flowers are a show-stopper. Combine it with other blooms, or decorate your entire wedding with this beautiful bloom.

Artful Amaryllis

The amaryllis features trumpet-shaped flowers on statuesque stems. Colors range from burgundy to bright red to pastels, ivory and white. Amaryllis can also blend two colors within one bloom, such as white and red. Combine it with other flowers like roses, lilies or orchids, or let amaryllis take center stage at your winter wedding.

A wedding is a monumental life event, and you want your decor to make a stunning impact that’s true to what you’ve envisioned. Consider using one or more of these winter wedding flower ideas to help take your wedding decor to new heights of style and sophistication.