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Posted by triasflowers on December 10, 2017 | Last Updated: November 20, 2020 Uncategorized

Too Pretty To Wrap Gifts

One of the best things about our Holiday Gift Guide is that it offers a spate of luxury gifts that you don’t have to wrap. Flowers especially need no adornment, and the way these designs present is sure to put your other presents – however beautifully wrapped – to shame.

At Trias Flowers, we love this time of year. It’s such an opportunity to do gorgeous, abundant, rich-looking floral work. Our floral customers are looking for bouquets with real presence and seasonal spirit, and we’re happy to oblige. Here are a couple of our favorites.

See what we mean? If you arrive bearing this gift, it’s likely to go straight to a prominent place on the table, definitely not obscured from view under the tree. Flowers are meant to be both enjoyed in the moment and also over time. Our Wrap It Up Bouquet is a powerful expression of the holiday-design form, offering a mix of dramatic reds, lots of texture and some elegant seasonal accents.

If you do want to offer your recipient something to open, choose our Holiday Nest Candle & Flowers. Nest makes one of the highest quality and best smelling candles around, and it looks just lovely nestled into this basket with a group of red roses and winter greens. The flower gifts we give to our family and friends, hosts and hostesses, teachers, bosses, coworkers and neighbors capture so much. They can express how we feel toward the recipient, reflect the holiday spirit, bring the outdoors in, transport us to different locales . . . the list goes on. Pick up your too-pretty-to-wrap bouquet from us to communicate your sentiments this holiday.