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Quick Guide: June Roses

rosesThis June, many opportunities exist to give flowers, and roses are the official flower of the month. As you consider your flower-giving options, whether for an anniversary, birthday, graduation or something else, consider what you can say with this beautiful flower. Tria’s Flowers will help you give beautiful gifts this June with the fragrance and elegance of roses.

The Brilliant History of the Rose

In modern times, roses are associated with romance and love, but that has not always been the case. The modern rose dates back to Chinese gardens about 5,000 years ago. At that time, roses were grown for their fragrance, which was used as a perfume, and their medicinal qualities. The native rose of the Chinese barely resembled the cut roses of today’s flower arrangements.

Over time, the rose spread from China to the Middle East and eventually Europe. In the 17th century, royal houses across the globe used roses or rose water as legal tender in bartering and payment arrangements. Napoleon’s wife, Josephine, used her garden at the Chateau de Malmaison to create a beautiful collection of roses. Pierre Joseph Redoute forever immortalized these blooms in his watercolors entitled Les Rose.

Soon, cultivated roses began to travel throughout the modern world, and gardeners started to fine tune their cultivation to create larger, longer-lasting blooms that worked well in cut arrangement. By the late 1800s, the rose had become a favorite floral gift, and its symbolism became well entrenched in modern history.


The Symbol of the Rose

The rose’s symbolism is tied largely to its color. People know that the deep rich red of a red rose represents passion and love. The newer purple rose is a symbol of admiration and appreciation or “love at first sight.” When giving roses to a friend or someone who is ill, the cheerful yellow is a good choice. Pink represents gratitude and love.

With each of these colors, your rose arrangement can have deep meaning. Choose wisely when giving roses this June, because they have great symbolism.

If you are not sure which rose means what you are trying to say, why not give more than one color? The Mixed Spray Roses Bouquet from Tria’s Flowers features pink, red and yellow roses, so you can say many things with one arrangement.

No matter what color roses you are giving, you can trust Tria’s Flowers to deliver beautiful, fresh blooms to your loved one. Shop with us today to give roses this June.


Mixed Spray Roses Bouquet