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Roses Throughout History

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In June, we have plenty of opportunities to celebrate the rose. The rose is the birth flower of the month, and so is the perfect choice to build a spectacular birthday bouquet. Also, June 12th is Red Rose Day, a little-known celebration of the most classic and iconic flower of them all. The rose is an international symbol of love and passion, romance, and devotion, sacrifice and commitment.

The rose also has a fairly impressive resume. In antiquity, it was the floral representation of the Greek goddess Aphrodite and her Roman counterpart, Venus. Mythology also connects the rose with Aphrodite’s son Eros and her lover Adonis; and Cupid, the son of Venus, is credited for giving the rose thorns. It was a flower cherished and cultivated by the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, and one she used to seduce Marc Antony.

rosesRoses were mentioned on a tablet written in 2680 BC, and it is believed they originated in China earlier than that. One of the most famous historical facts involving roses was recorded in 15th Century England. The brutal and bloody Civil War was nicknamed “The War of the Roses”, as the two warring factions each chose a rose for their emblem – one red, one white.

rosesWhite roses were once thought to be the most romantic of the species, with red roses often evoking thoughts of blood and loss. For instance, Christians adopted the red rose as a symbol of the blood shed by Christ and the sorrow of the Virgin Mary. But because most sacrifice is inspired by the deepest emotions of love, red roses eventually came to represent the most profound of romantic passion. White roses still signify true love, but of the innocent variety; and are often used to create bridal bouquets.

All month long, roses are the flower of choice at Trias Flowers – so stop in, and let us help you celebrate in beautiful style.