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Shining a Light on Dog Rescue

dog rescue

Now in its 10th year, National Puppy Day is a grassroots initiative aimed at educating the public about several issues affecting both puppies and older dogs across the country. With approximately 4 million dogs and puppies being surrendered to shelters each year, these facilities simply cannot handle the sheer volume of animals that come to their doorsteps. Colleen Paige, the pet activist also responsible for National Dog Day and National Cat Day, established this day to shine a light on overpopulation, irresponsible pet ownership, for-profit breeding, and the need for adoptive families.

On March 23rd, organizers hope that people will be moved to adopt a puppy from a shelter or make a donation to help with their expenses. At Trias Flowers, we also think that this is a great opportunity for animal lovers to thank the workers and volunteers who tirelessly pursue a new life for these helpless animals.¬†dog rescueHow Do Puppies End Up in Shelters? We tend to think of older dogs, or perhaps dogs with behavioral problems as ending up in shelters. However, often entire litters of “unplanned” newborn puppies are left at shelters, and strays often give birth at the shelter after arriving pregnant. Puppies also may be rescued from abusive situations and irresponsible breeders¬†and brought to the already overloaded shelters.

rescue dogsRescue workers do their best to care for and rehome these animals, but many will be euthanized. National Puppy Day seeks to encourage people to spay and neuter their pets, as well as to come to shelters to rescue dogs instead of to a commercial outlet that sells puppies.

For all their dedicated care and love, rescue workers deserve recognition and thanks, as do the new puppy parents who quite literally save a life when they choose a rescue dog. Sending a floral arrangement or green plant is a great way to thank them for all they do. On March 23rd, Trias Flowers celebrates all the joy and love puppies bring to our lives.