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Symbolically Powerful Flowers

Giving flowers can often be symbolic of your deeper feelings for a person or about a situation. Choose flowers that have special meaning, or in colors that represent specific emotions. White roses, for instance, have historically represented innocence and purity, but they can also signify new beginnings. Share white roses at the beginning of a new relationship to usher in hopeful feelings for the future. The floral designers at Trias Flowers have created some amazing pieces with white roses for you to share with your new love.

A gorgeous way to infuse even more romance into a new relationship is with our Dozen White Roses design. This stunning display of a dozen hand-selected white Ecuadorian roses comes in a dazzling glass vase. A stylish and romantic arrangement, this piece is sure to communicate your hopes for a bright future together.

The best way to tell your special someone how you feel about them is with a bouquet of flowers that says it all. Let flowers deepen the meaning behind your words and show how you feel. The floral experts at Trias Flowers are happy to talk with you about other flowers and the meaning or symbolism behind them.