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Tips for Throwing a Charming & Stylish Backyard BBQ Party

One of the best ways to celebrate the season of summer is to invite friends, family, and neighbors over for a festive backyard barbeque. Enjoy the sun and have some fun in honor of getting outside the house and being able to be outdoors with people whose company you enjoy. For this year’s BBQ, kick it up a notch to host an event with style and to remind people how awesome this summertime pastime can be. The experts here at Trias Flowers, Miami’s top florist, have the tips and tricks for how to throw a stylish and successful BBQ party!

Select a Theme

Whether you go with a patriotic theme for holidays such as the 4th of July and Labor Day with plenty of red, white, and blue colors, or a theme of bright summer colors, like orange, yellow, and pinks, a consistent color theme pulls together the setting and keeps things looking more organized. If bright colors aren’t your thing, cool, earthy colors such as lilac, blue, and green hues look great, too!

Make Sure There Is Plenty of Comfortable Seating

Perk up your patio furniture with new cozy cushions so people will stay a while. Create additional seating with folding lawn chairs, picnic blankets, and large cushions so there’s a place for everyone to sit.

Elevate Your Decor With Fresh Flowers

Flowers will instantly create a pleasant yet surprising and sophisticated style to your BBQ. Fragrant and mood-boosting, adding a lot, or a little bit of flowers goes a long way in transforming your barbeque party from ordinary to extraordinary. Get creative in your display by placing a few buds in small vases on a variety of surfaces, such as the tables, the grill, and porches. Hang some from a tree, place a bunch of wildflowers in a tin bucket, or have a dazzling large display in the center of each table. Just make sure to choose hardy flowers that can withstand the heat (see list below).

Have Designated Areas for Food and Drinks

Keep things simple and organized by having one designated area for food and one for beverages. Guests can bring their side dishes to place on the table while you prepare the main grilled courses. Have a separate table for drinks with ice and cups so people can serve themselves. You can also get creative here by placing bottles of beer in a wheelbarrow full of ice and sodas and kiddie drinks in an inflatable children’s pool full of ice.

Set Up Yard Games

Cornhole, Jenga, horseshoes, large connect-four games, there are endless options of fun backyard games to have to keep your guests and the kiddies entertained. Similarly, don’t forget a quality Bluetooth speaker with a great summertime playlist to keep everyone in a festive mood. Music is always a necessary factor at BBQs!

Go Beyond Traditional Cook-out Fare

Don’t get us wrong – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the typical burgers, beer, and hot dogs. These foods are essential for any backyard BBQ. However, offer up a few non-traditional foods to surprise your guests with your grill skills. For example, grill up some cod or halibut for fresh grilled fish tacos, or instead of regular bbq chicken make grilled chicken Caprese instead. Also, elevate your drink selections with a refreshing pitcher of berry spritzer, blackberry mojitos, or watermelon ‘rita drink.

Best Flowers for Your Backyard BBQ Decor

Fresh blooms are essential for today’s more modern outdoor gatherings so make sure you choose quality florals from your local florist and hardy types that can hold up to the summer heat. Great choices include:

Wax flowers









With the above guide, your guests will be super impressed with your BBQ hosting style and grilling skills. Your party is likely to last throughout the night so hang up some string lights to enjoy the end of a fabulous day of BBQ, friends, and fun.

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