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What Flowers are the Favorite of today ‘s Top Celebrities?

Just like your favorite style of clothing, color, and fragrance, your favorite flower is also a reflection of your personality. In recognition of Women’s History Month, Miami’s best florist Trias Flowers, Weddings & Events wanted to know the favorite flowers of several world-famous women. We were surprised by how much their favorite flower mirrored their character.

Jennifer Lopez – White Lilies and Roses

Jennifer Lopez is one of today ‘s largest and most talented stars, and the favorite flowers of her are white lilies and white roses. Actor, dancer, and this singer is drawn to the color white for the flowers of her, which symbolizes perfection, purity, and honesty. Lilies are great, majestic, and fragrant flowers that denotes innocence, fertility, and majesty. The white rose stands for everlasting love and youthfulness.

Lady Bird Johnson – Lavender Bluebell

The lavender bluebell flower was Lady Bird Johnson’s favorite flower. It’s no surprise she would choose this unique wildflower as Lady Bird herself was one of a kind. An intelligent and dedicated woman, in her role as First Lady, she spearheaded the Highway Beautification Act, which called for U.S. highways to be lined with native plants and flowers instead of ugly junkyards. This Act successfully passed in 1965. The unique and charming lavender-colored bluebell is a wildflower with blooms that form into the shape of a bell. The bluebell’s symbolism is associated with humility, thanks, dedication, and devotion – all traits which could be used to describe Lady Bird Johnson as well.

This lovely, colorful, fresh, and unique combination features blue hydrangeas, orange roses and yellow alstromerias arranged in our signature Trias glass vase!

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