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Decorate for Fall With Chrysanthemums

Fall is approaching, and with it comes the vibrant hues of the turning leaves. Autumn also brings the lovely colors of Chrysanthemums. With many styles, textures, and colors, mums are the perfect seasonal flower. Traditional colors of bronze, orange, and yellow complement the fall holiday displays for Halloween and Thanksgiving. In contrast, some varieties of mums enhance your home décor with bright pinks, reds, and purples. The experts at Trias Flowers can offer a variety of ways to add mums to your decorating ideas. We offer many options to allow mums to be the start of your home for the fall season.

Here are some varieties of mums to spark your home decorating and garden design ideas. Any of these varieties can be used as accent flowers or featured individually. The design options are endless. Two examples of our bouquets that include mums are Autumn Basket and Autumn Leaf.

Orange and Yellow Daisy Mums

Viking Mums

Spider Mum

Red Rover Mum

Incurve Mums

Pink Cushion Mums

Football (Cremon) Mum

Thistle Mum

Spider Mums

Autumn Basket

Autumn Leaf

Growing Mums

With the growing season seemingly year-round in the Miami area, know when to plant your potted mum will ensure that you have fall Chrysanthemums for all your autumn decorating needs, even in South Florida. Waiting until the extreme heat and humidity of late summer and early fall are over will give your blooms a fighting chance. The best time to plant in the subtropical climate of Miami is late October and November. Purchase mums with tight or slightly open buds for many days of enjoyment in the late fall season.

Although the seasons of fall and winter do not bring much of a change in the weather to the Miami area, mums can create that sense of falling leaves, changing colors and a little nip in the air. Do you prefer the soft whites of the Single bloom mum, the spiky, thin petals of the spider mum, or the cushion mums with large, bushy flowers? The vivid colors of anemones with their black centers are perfect for fall holiday decorating. Contact the floral designers at Trias Flowers to provide unique opportunities to make Chrysanthemums the center of your fall décor.