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Posted by triasflowers on February 18, 2019 Uncategorized

New Floral Trends Full Of Power

With the announcement of the Floral Trends Forecast for 2019, the floral experts at Trias Flowers are excited to introduce you to our favorite new floral trends full of power and strength for this season. The Hear Me Roar design features bold, confident tones like red, berry, burnt orange and yellow. Undertones of teal and sturdy grays and browns will accents and highlight this fashion-forward look. Layered in a modern complexity and designed with clean structural architecture for a modern, trendy look, plan to see tropical flowers and bursts of bright, confident designs in the Hear Me Roar trend this year.

This exciting trend is not for the faint of heart. Stand up and speak out with bright flowers and structured design featuring clean lines for a modern look that demands attention. Flowers fitting into the Hear Me Roar trend include tropicals like epidedrum orchids and gloriosas, line flowers like snapdragons, gladiolus, and kniphofia, and brightly colored foliage like croton and coleus.

Make yourself heard with the confidence of the Hear Me Roar trend. Let this look speak up for you as you proclaim your sense of style and taste. The floral designers at Trias Flowers will be happy to introduce you to all of our Hear Me Roar designs.