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Miami Anniversaries & Weddings

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More brides and grooms choose to walk down the aisle in June than any other month of the year. Experts theorize many different reasons for this - from beautiful weather to easier travel for friends and family. But there is a more historical theory as well - in both ancient Rome and Celtic cultures, a great number of weddings occurred in June, In Rome, it was to garner the protection of the goddess Juno, and in Ireland, couples were married 6 weeks after elders arranged their marriages on May Day. (May 1). Many of our ancestors came from these areas, and the tradition may have carried on. Regardless of the reasoning, June has officially been named Wedding Month - so if you are one of the couples planning a local Miami wedding, we'd like to introduce you to Trias Flowers, Wedding & Events. We've been providing Miami wedding flowers for over 27 years. A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words: Browse our Wedding Site for tips, explanations of traditions, information on wedding planning and photos. And for hundreds of additional photos to inspire you, check out our Pinterest Wedding Boards!  Read More about Miami Anniversaries & Weddings

Luxurious Roses & Designs

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It is summer in Miami, and the vivid and vibrant is all around us. It's hard to contain the excitement as we anticipate gorgeous days and amazing nights here in our favorite city. At Trias Flowers, even the roses reflect the change, with bright colors and fresh styles that are unlike any other. June is National Rose Month, and the luxurious roses you need for all of your celebrations are right here. If you can't seem to get enough of these classic flowers, be sure to check out our online Rose Collection, as well as our Pinterest page!  Read More about Luxurious Roses & Designs

Father’s Day Gifts for Dad

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The best thing about Father's Day is that we are able to thank those amazing men who go without accolades most of the year. And while there are millions of dads, none is quite as special as yours. Your awesome dad deserves more than the run-of-the-mill Father's Day gifts. At Trias Flowers, we have put together a collection of sophisticated, elegant and unique offerings that he won't get from anyone else! So browse our collection or stop by our store - Father's Day is June 18. Read More about Father’s Day Gifts for Dad

Elegant Memorial Day Remembrance

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Flowers have long been the language of deep emotion and sentiments, and on Memorial Day, they have always played an important role in helping us to remember the fallen. In fact, the observance has its own official flower, the red poppy. Although this flower is rarely given out today, it does still symbolize the sacrifices of countless brave men and women throughout our history. At Trias Flowers, we use different flowers to express our respect and gratitude, but these offerings are no less patriotic and meaningful. This May 29,send a Memorial Day remembrance from Trias Flowers, and give them the honor they deserve. The History of the Red Poppy: After World War I, a soldier by the name of John McCrae penned a poem which would forever link the red poppy with Memorial Day. In Flanders Fields recounted the heart-wrenching scene of beautiful poppies growing up around the soldiers graves on the battlefield, and firmly established the flower as an ambassador for the holiday.  Read More about Elegant Memorial Day Remembrance

Exotic Spring Flowers

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  As we approach the last few weeks of spring, and anticipate the arrival of summer days, the mood seems just a little bit more carefree - making it the perfect time to explore the colorful and exotic spring flowers in our tropical collection. Because in Miami, when it comes to floral designs, we believe that the more vivid and colorful they are, the better! Whether celebrating a special event or adding beautiful accent pieces to your home decor, you can count on the floral designers from Trias Flowers to provide the most exquisite fresh flowers, season after season.  Read More about Exotic Spring Flowers

Flowers for Mother’s Day

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Your mom is amazing. One-of-a-kind. The best mom in the world! And as such, we think that she has earned the most beautiful flowers for Mother's Day, delivered right to her home or office. Trias Flowers has assembled a collection of gorgeous floral designs that you won't find anywhere else in Miami, and we are excited to share them with you. After all, we've been delivering on Mother's Day since 1912 - you can rely on us to provide the freshest flowers, unique designs, and professional customer service. A Bit of History: Anna Jarvis was the woman who spearheaded the idea of Mother's Day here in the United States. After years working to get the government to recognize the day, it was finally established n 1908. However, decades later she tried to have the holiday abolished, claiming that it had become too commercial.  Read More about Flowers for Mother’s Day

Flowers for Proms & Formals

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Spring is here, and spring formals and proms are being planned all across Miami. This is the time of year that Trias Flowers designs beautiful custom corsages and boutonnieres using the freshest quality flowers, guaranteed to make be the perfect accompaniment to your ensemble. When it comes time to order, here are a few suggestions from the experts - follow these, and you'll love your prom flowers.  Read More about Flowers for Proms & Formals

Thanking Teachers & Appreciating Nurses

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There are so many members of our society that are doing great things - but their contributions often go unrecognized. Still, if you were to ask people across Miami if they had a teacher they admired, they would likely have a story to tell. If you asked about a hospital stay, they will probably tell you about the amazing care of their nurse. Although the two professions are very different, they have one very special attribute in common - both nurses and teachers pour their hearts into their work. In the process, they inspire us, comfort us, encourage us, and give us hope. Both teachers and nurses are being honored in May, and it is a great opportunity for all of us to recognize just how much they matter. Read More about Thanking Teachers & Appreciating Nurses

Expert Tips for Indoor Green Plant Care

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In Miami, we are all about the color. That's why we love to fill our homes and offices with plants and flowers, to transform the environment from one of function to one of beauty! At Trias Flowers, we have green and flowering plants, orchids, dish gardens and succulents that are sure to elevate the style of your space -but how to care for them? No two plants have exactly the same requirements of care, but our experts would love to share the basics regarding some of our most popular products. Learn a few simply tricks regarding green plant care, and your plants will thrive! Don't Forget! Plants of all kinds, especially the products featured here, make wonderful gifts for Administrative Professionals Week!  Read More about Expert Tips for Indoor Green Plant Care