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Honoring Our Beloved Elders Through Flowers

As September approaches, and we begin to prepare for fall holidays, be sure to add Grandparents Day to your calendar. Observed on the first Sunday after Labor Day, this special occasion has taken on great meaning for many families since its advent in the 1970s. It was begun for several purposes: to honor grandparents, to recognize the guidance and wisdom older people can share with children, and to provide an opportunity for grandparents to show love to their children’s children. One original tradition from this day was the giving of Forget-Me-Nots. Trias Flowers recommends updating this trend to include flowers that reflect special meaning to your grandparents or within your family. Read More about Honoring Our Beloved Elders Through Flowers »
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Beautiful White Flowers, No Matter The Season

Tradition has long held to the notion that wearing white or using it to decorate after Labor Day was a faux-pas. However, in recent years it has become even more trendy to ignore that rule and find ways to incorporate white deliberately. Whether you choose a white wool sweater, or heavy white drapes for your living room, white is here to stay, all year long. For a contemporary look that follows this newer fashion rule, try incorporating white in unexpected places throughout your home. All-white throw pillows, table linens or floral arrangements are a great way to add a modern look to your space. Trias Flowers encourages you to experiment with your creativity and enjoy the results. Read More about Beautiful White Flowers, No Matter The Season »
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Bee-Friendly Summer Flowers

A healthy, natural garden is a thriving eco-system all its own. Flowers bloom, produce ripens and bees buzz all around, indicating a strong environment. Bees, specifically, are an indication that you’re doing much to keep your growing space toxin-free, hydrated and balanced. By providing bee-friendly flowers like hydrangea, sunflowers, roses and lavender, you allow these creatures that have been subjected to damaging environmental changes to grow and work again. Trias Flowers & Gifts recommends creating a pesticide-free space, shaded shelter and a bit of fresh water for bees to encourage healthy growth in your naturally beautiful garden. Read More about Bee-Friendly Summer Flowers »
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A Dining Room With Personality, Courtesy Of Flowers

Decorating your home can be a lot of fun when you focus on each area of your home individually. While it’s good to have a continuity throughout your home, each space serves a unique purpose and can be designed to reflect that through how you choose to decorate it. Your dining room, for instance, can be beautifully decorated with table flowers and gorgeous artwork that enhances your dining experience every time you’re there. The floral experts at Trias Flowers & Gifts have some excellent ideas about how to include flowers on your dining room table. Read More about A Dining Room With Personality, Courtesy Of Flowers »
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Meet The Teacher With A Bouquet Of Flowers

As the new school year approaches, the halls and offices of your local school become a beehive of activity as the everyone begins to set up for the first day of school. Each staff person, from teacher’s aides and secretaries, to custodians and administrators, has a specific job to do and the result is a welcoming environment where students are encouraged and supported in their learning. This year, why not foster positive energy during these preparation days by sending the staff of your local school a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from Trias Flowers? They’ll be delighted and blessed knowing they have your support. Read More about Meet The Teacher With A Bouquet Of Flowers »
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Two Floral Trips You Have To Take

Trias Flowers is playing travel guide this week and giving you a look into two big-deal floral events that take place in the Sunshine State. While there are plenty more where these came from, we're highlighting two in the hopes that you will put them on your travel calendar. We have no doubt that they will inspire you to search out more festivals and attractions that celebrate our most beautiful assets. Read More about Two Floral Trips You Have To Take »
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Songs That Were Inspired By Flowers

Ever notice how many songs have been inspired by flowers? There are plenty, and in case you forgot about them, Trias Flowers is here to bring a few of the best to your attention. Everyone from rock gods to girl groups to country crooners has taken a note (or two) from the natural world, using flowers, plants and herbs as symbols and metaphors as well as titles and images. So press play on our floral playlist, and enjoy the garden of music that awaits this summer. Read More about Songs That Were Inspired By Flowers »
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Your Flower Care Questions Answered

It's easy to enjoy flowers when they arrive---they're fresh, beautiful and crisp. We find the perfect spot for them so they can be admired and enjoyed as much as possible while they last. But Trias Flowers has a few simple tips for extending the life of your beautiful blooms for as long as possible, so that every day can feel just like the day they arrived. Read More about Your Flower Care Questions Answered »
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Go Somewhere New Through Flowers

Don't feel like leaving Miami this summer? Trias Flowers doesn't blame you. That said if you want to inject that worldly, well-traveled air into your home, do it through flowers. And not just any flowers, insanely exotic ones. Ones that recall a time and place that is entirely elsewhere, that brings up memories of that milestone trip you took somewhere even more tropical than here, or that creates that trip right in your very own dining room. Or kitchen. Or patio. Read More about Go Somewhere New Through Flowers »
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The 4th Of July In A Centerpiece

If you're hosting the 4th of July in your home this year, you're going to need one smashing centerpiece. Preferably one that draws as much attention as the fireworks later. One that recalls the colors of the American flag. One that fits perfectly to the center of your table, giving off a sense of festivity but also a dignified air. Trias Flowers has just the thing, and the best part is, it will work however your event is styled. Whether you'll be indoors or out, there is a 4th of July centerpiece that will generate sparks wherever you put it. Read More about The 4th Of July In A Centerpiece »
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