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Recognizing Bonds of Friendship

friendshipTwo of the closest relationships we encounter in this life are our sisters, and our best friends. In fact, very often one person can be both – a sister who your best friend, for instance; or a best friend who is more like family. We even celebrate these very special people on the same day – August 6 is both National Friendship Day and National Sisters Day. Whether she is related by blood or closer than a sister, you can celebrate how amazin gshe is with a bouquet or floral design from Trias Flowers.

The Strength of Sisterhood: Studies show us that people who grow up with a close bond with their sister are happier adults who are also more generous, optimistic, and confident throughout their lives. friendship

Friends are also important to our experience – in fact, from a very young age, friends help us to navigate complex social situations, to establish life priorities, and to be accepting of our own flaws and foibles. Like sisters, close friends are there through the good and bad, the thick and thin – and their loyalty and friendship is a stabilizing force throughout the years.

What Flowers to Give? Yellow roses are the traditional flower of friendship, and are often sent to express camaraderie, kinship, and encouragement. However, you can also choose to send a bouquet of her favorite flowers, which is a meaningful gesture. Make sure to include a note to let her know just how you value her.

friendshipNational Friendship Day is celebrated around the world on the second Sunday of August; and was instituted by the United States Congress in 1935. Although National Sisters Day is not an official observance, it is equally special. This summer, consider these days as the perfect opportunity to reach out to those people who helped make you who you are today – whether she lives in Miami or across the country. Trias Flowers is happy to provide the summer flowers, roses, or custom designs that will express your unique connection.